Jim’s “Star Trek” Fan Fiction Site




Right now, this site contains a few works of Trek fan fiction…




First, there’s my re-writing of the Star Trek: Voyager finale, which you can access in two parts…


Part One: “The Storm Before the Calm”


Part Two/Three: “Interesting Times”




Second, there’s a complete movie-length Trek screenplay with (mostly) original characters, and a few returning friends from various eras of the series…


Star Trek: Shadow Wars




Third, follow the link below for the home page to another (stalled, unfortunately) fanfic project – but there are two stories there, and one of them is even sort of good:


"Virtual Voyager"


(for much, much more about all things Star Trek, check out Star Trek Resources)


Fourth, you can go to this page, with photos from a couple of trips I took to Europe, by clicking here.




Fifth, you can visit my new Blog, updated daily (mostly) with commentary on the events of the day…The Eleven Day Empire.



And finally, check out my new online store…Project Echelon HQ…your one stop shop for quality Project Echelon logo merchandise!


If you’ve found this page, read any of this, and have an opinion or any thoughts about it (all feedback is appreciated!!!), please email me at: starkllr@comcast.net.  Thanks!